2 Card Draw Poker

Rules of Play

  • The object of the game is to have the best hand of all players. The game is meant for 3-10 players, single deck.
  • Each player antes a predetermined wager, determined by the Poker Room.
  • The Dealer pulls all antes into a designated area making a pot.
  • Each player receives two cards, either both down or one up and one down, determined by the Poker Room.
  • A player button will be used to determine where the deal starts and rotate after each hand.
  • In order, each player can stay or draw a card. The player can draw as many cards as they would like until the total of their hand is twenty-two or higher. The player then places their hand face down on their player position.
  • When all players have made their hands, the dealer will have all players show their hands.
  • The player with the highest hand will win the pot. In the case of a tie for high hand the pot rolls over to the next hand.
  • If there is not one clear player with the highest hand, the pot will remain, and a new hand will start with all players that want to continue placing another ante of the same amount.
  • The Dealer will pull the new antes into the same pot.
  • This will continue until the pot is decisively won by one player.
  • The House will take a rake from each pot.
Hand Ranking (High to Low)
High - Ace & 10 count card
Any total of 21
Any total of 20
Any total of 19
Any total of 18
Any total of 17
Any total of 16
Any total of 15
Any total of 14
Any total of 13
Any total of 12
Any total of 22
Any total of 23
Any total of 24
Any total of 25
Low - Any total of 26 - 30

2 Card Draw Poker© starts with all players receiving two cards. Each player can draw as many cards as they want on their turn, until their hand is equal to or greater than a total of twenty-two. The player with the best hand wins the pot.